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In its simplest form, the Ecos GrowCube™ is a turn-key, fully-automated hydroponic greenhouse that is Made in the USA and fabricated out of aircraft-grade aluminum. An Ecos GrowCube™ utilizes hydroponic growing techniques in order to maximize the amount of crop production possible in a given footprint and eliminates the need for soil, fossil fuels, pesticides and toxic chemicals.

Uses the power of the sun to generate electricity for off-grid needs in military, disaster relief and remote location scenarios.

Many water recycling processes use chemicals - chemicals that are costly and harmful to the environment. The Ecosphere Ozonix® Technology offers customers a chemical-free alternative to high-volume water recycling for a diverse range of applications ranging from the oil & natural gas industry and mining to agriculture and municipal wastewater treatment.

Ecos GrowCube

Ecos PowerCube


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