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Industry Proven


Highly Effective

High Volume

Self Contained

Chemical Free

With Ozonix® there is no need for chemical biocides. Bacteria tests and dynamic tube blocking tests have established that water processed through Ozonix® shows complete destruction of bacteria cell walls and scale-inhibition effects.

Ecosphere's Ozonix® technology is the only advanced oxidation process (AOP) proven to provide high-volume, chemical-free water treatment and recycling services at the frack site for oil & gas operators.

Environmentally Responsible

Ozonix® is the most energy efficient and environmentally sustainable solution for high-volume, chemical-free water management.

Ecosphere's patented Ozonix® technology produces highly reactive bacteria killing hydroxyl

radicals. Hydroxyl radicals are important to water disinfection because

they have a high oxidation potential of 2.80V, which is much higher than

 the most common disinfectants, ozone (2.07 V) and chlorine (1.36 V).

A single Ozonix® advanced oxidation system can process up to 12,500 liters per minute - treating water to a level that is suitable for re-use.

Ozonix® products are mobile, self-contained and fully transportable - they go wherever you need them, require minimal mobilization time and are self-sustaining.

Revolutionary, Patented, Proven Effective

Through an innovative combination of ozone, cavitation and electrochemical processes, Ecosphere developed Ozonix® - a patented, liquid chemical-free technology proven highly effective in water recovery, treatment, and recycling. Ozonix® realizes a 10 to 20 times multiplier over the use of ozone and cavitation when used by themselves, removing 99.99% of bacteria in water and eliminating the need for chemical biocides, scale inhibitors and friction reducers. Disinfection time is fast making it perfect for on the fly, mobile wastewater treatment applications, and Ozonix® generates no harmful disinfection by-products.