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Ecos PowerCube®

Numerous applications from military to disaster relief, to humanitarian efforts, residential and retail.

Capable of being transported via trucks, trains, boats/ships and planes.

Patented drawer system protects solar panels during transportation, shipping, and inclement weather.

Provides users with the maximum amount of solar power generation possible (in 3m, 6m and 12m ISO shipping container footprints).

Patented solar panel array can be deployed immediately once a unit arrives on location.

24/7 energy to power Internet connectivity, satellite communications, and a full range of wireless VSAT, VOIP and wireless communications

Uses the power of the sun to generate electricity for off-grid needs in military, disaster relief and remote location scenarios.

Provides wireless connectivity to a range of 50km.

How it Works

Ecos PowerCube® is the world’s largest, mobile, solar-powered generator. It runs on high power photovoltaic panels that extend from its container combined with an easy to set up wind turbine. Energy is stored in on-board batteries.


As a self-contained, self-sustaining power station, PowerCube® is uniquely suited to support military and disaster relief efforts, and being housed in a standard shipping container makes it easy to transport via land, air, or sea.

On Location

Once it arrives on location, PowerCube® can be deployed immediately to generate up to 15KW of electricity. The patented solar panel arrays are mounted on roller assemblies for easy integration and supported by hydraulic actuators that make them simple to properly position