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Introducing the Ecos GrowCube™

In its simplest form, the Ecos GrowCube™ is a turn-key, fully-automated hydroponic greenhouse that is Made in the USA and fabricated out of aircraft-grade aluminum. An Ecos GrowCube™ utilizes hydroponic growing techniques in order to maximize the amount of crop production possible in a given footprint and eliminates the need for soil, fossil fuels, pesticides and toxic chemicals. Ecosphere’s patented OZONIX INSIDE™ technology is also utilized to kill bacteria, micro-mix nutrients and structure the water for better plant respiration and uptake.

The Ecos GrowCube™ is secure, self-contained and fully-automated. It is simply the most state-of-the-art hydroponic greenhouse of its kind and can nurture a wide variety of crops anywhere in the world.

The Ecos GrowCube® produces its own pure, clean water supply with proprietary, on-board atmospheric water generator and patented OZONIX INSIDE™ water treatment technology.

The Ecos GrowCube™ is fully operational as soon as it is delivered and installed on location. A back-up generator keeps crops growing in case of a power failure.

Your mobile farm can be transported anywhere in the world via trucks, trains, ships and planes.

Video surveillance system enables remote monitoring of crops from anywhere in the world via smartphone, tablet, or any web-enabled device.


In any environment, in any climate, the Ecos GrowCube™ can grow organic crops without soils, fossil fuels, pesticides, or toxic chemicals.

The Ecos GrowCube™ is capable of producing 100-200% more crop yield in a given footprint when compared to conventional hydroponic gardening techniques.